Fetish Fantasy Extreme Shock Therapy Cock Strap

Electro Sex Cock Strap

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Price: AU$60.20

FFE Shock Therapy Cock Strap

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for an approach to give a veritable wave of jolting sensation to your cockerel? Presenting the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Shock Therapy Cock Strap. Whether you've never attempted electro-sex some time recently, or in case you're very much prepared and searching for one of the best e-pleasers accessible, this is the toy for you.

This toy is ideal for both solo and accomplice play. The primary cockerel band is equipped for extending to fit any width while the auxiliary ball band holds solidly around the scrotum. Both the quality and recurrence of the shocks are customizable, and at the turn of a dial your erogenous zones with be destroying cheerfully. Notwithstanding giving your rooster a progression of climactically fortifying shocks, the groups likewise capacity like a fundamental cockerel ring, holding off discharge, making your erection harder and firmer, then reinforcing the sensation once you do come. 

The remote control for the Shock Therapy Cock Strap serves as a hand massager. Simply unplug the harmony from the band, and get lovely shocks each time your hand touches the metal. Suffice to say, this is the ideal toy for any electro-darling, so strap in, wrench up the juice, and appreciate the force.