Sport Fucker Probe 3 Pack Black

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Sport Fucker
Price: AU$49.90

Looking to bust your final sex-cherry, or are you an experienced sounder? Either way, you will love this Probe Pack by Sport Fucker. This traditional-shaped sound set comes with two sizes in either Red or Black. With Sport Fucker’s 100% medical-grade premium-silicone, you won’t feel any imperfections as these sounds slide up and down your rod. Remember to use only use sterile lubes with any sounding toys.

Product Features Each sound 17.5cm long Size & Fit Sound 1 is 4mm in diameter and is round Sound 2 is oval in shape to fit your piss slit and is 4mm x 7mm in diameter Sound 3 is slight oval but more round in shape for a good even fit and is 5mm x 7.5mm



Your next big adventure is here from Sport Fuckerand the possibilities are almost endless with what you can do to your junk. This iconic brand that designs high end CBT for men and now has a line of underwear is very popular with the gay community and for mens sex toys. These toys and underwear are made by men, designed by men for men to use. High end materials will never let you down.