Gates of Hell Harness 4 Rings

Cock Ring Strap on Harness

Price: AU$22.00

The largest of the harnesses, this is a four ring gates of hell harness that is primed and ready to deliver male sexual power to its wearer. Stylish, and functional, not only will wearing this harness increase the package size of the male wearing it, but it will also ensure that his manhood is the centre of attention as it stands straight, tall and proud.

1 Ring 50mm

2 Rings 38,50mm

3 Rings 38,38,50mm

4 Rings 38,38,38,50mm

5 Rings 38,38,38,38 50mm



*  Please note this product is NOT a certified surgical steel grade product *


The BDStyle fetish company is a relatively new company that specializes in bondage, kink and fetish gear. They have an extensive range of fetish gear which includes leather restraints, leather suspension gear, and puppy play. BDStyle specializes in making affordable bondage gear for the everyday person that just happens to be into kink. If leather isn’t your thing than you should consider their extensive steel collection. Whether you’re into male chastity, penis plugs, or restraints that you simply can’t get out of. Quality and affordable bondage gear