Strict Leather Chain JockStrap


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BDStyle, Strict Leather Chain JockStrap, Faux Leather with Adjustable Waistline

Into BDSM play and need to accessorize then put on the Strict Leather Chain Jockstrap for that extra bit of fun. The waist loops are adjustable chains so you can easily tighten and loosen as you need, with the faux leather cup providing some lift and support to ensure that our package isn't squished on arrival.


One size fits most - faux leather.


For those with a bit twisted with kink the BDStyle allows you to explore all your fetish fantasies. With authentic adult lifestyle products that will take you to the edge the range will simply amaze the bondage enthusiast and perhaps shock those vanilla’s out there. There is something to suit everyone and enhance those erotic and role playing moments whether it be in leather, pvc or steel.