Dolphin Male Chastity Device


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Doms and Dommes, we’re sure that you love belittling your submissive whilst simultaneously ensuring they’re displayed like an erotic piece of your handiwork.

There’s a long history of men being associated with wild animals - even beasts, but this silicone  chastity device will ensure that beast is indisputably tamed. During the day you might be a fierce bear, a snarling panther or the alpha of your office but being locked within the Dolphin will reaffirm your true position. That of a caged, subservient animal there to fulfil the desires of your wild and beautiful Dominant.

Dolphin Male Chastity Device

Material: Plastic Color: Pink/Black/Blue/Flesh Size: 11 * 3.5 cm/4.3 * 1.4 inch Inner Length: 6.5 cm/2.6 inch 4 ring sizes - 4.5 cm/1.8", 4.8 cm/1.9", 5.1 cm/2.0", 5.4 cm/2.1"