Solid Steel Cock Cage LONG


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A solid, weighty cock cage prevents growth and erections, its sturdy ball loop with in-built lock prohibits removal.

Made to put their crown jewels inside this inescapable chastity cage, the wearer can forget about satisfying their carnal desires until their master declares otherwise. No sex and no masturbation, however the cage shows some mercy allowing the user to pee through it


Penis Head Steel Cock Cage - Long

Material: Metal Color: Silver Cage Size: 8.0 * 3.7 cm/3.1 * 1.5 inch Package: OPP Bag/Velvet Bag/Blank Box Ring Size: S: 4.0 CM/1.6 Inch M: 4.5 CM/1.8 Inch L: 5.0 CM//2.0 Inch