Wolf Dog Silicone Chastity Device


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There is no escaping the Wolf Dog Chastity Device to be removed, not even when you're urinating or taking a bath with the handy slit in front.

If you hate metal and steel cock cages for some reason, that does not give you an excuse to put your penis under lock and key. This is where the Wolf Dog Silicone Chastity Device is the right fit for you if you're on-the-go or you just need another way to remind you of who exactly you belong to. Put on this chastity device and your partner is calm and at peace in knowing that he or she literally holds the keys to your cock.


Dog Male Chastity Device

Material: Plastic Color: Flesh/Clear Net Weight: 122 g/0.27 lb/4.3 oz Cage Size: 6.5 * 3.5 cm/2.6 * 1.4 inch Ring Size: 4.5-4.8-5.1-5.4 cm/1.8-1.9-2-2.1 inch