The Joys Of Male Chastity – Wearing a cock cage can be very attractive to the keyholder or cock cage wearer. Preventing orgasms and erections by forcefully creating a penis prison will ensure that when released the most will be made by any cuckolded male. Being oversexed often leads to lack of concentration and empathy that our penis cages will remove.

All You Need To Know About Cock Cages

It is important to understand what these devices are first, before looking at the different types and tips for choosing the best cock cage for you. Cock cages are used by men as a chastity device, others as a bdsm pleasure toys and some of them are used to cover their penis plain simple. So what are they? They are items that are used to cover the male sex organ- that is the penis. At the Cock Ring Shop we have a huge selection of cock cages and male chastity devices at best prices online. Let's face it some men cannot stay long before having the urge of touching their penis. Let's not blame them, it happens often and it is nature. These cages come in different sizes and shapes. Penis sizes differ, there are some that are enormous and some are small. It is very important to start your experience with the most comfortable ones to wear. There are various beginner chastity devices that are made for the first timer. The Material that is used to make your male chastity device is very important to consider before purchasing as not all materials will work the same. Key factors when choosing the material include how secure you want your device to be, the period you intend wearing it, do you suffer from any allergies and keeping it clean.

Measuring Your Cock Cage

You must measure both the length and the girth of your penis to ensure you get a cock cage that fits perfectly for you. The simplest way to do this is to get a string, a ruler and a calculator. When erect, wrap the string around the very base of the penis behind the balls, marking where the string meets. Ensure that it is wrapped snugly, but not tightly. This will give you your circumference measurement. Measure the length of this string and divide the result by 3.14. The answer is the approximate diameter of the ring component generally found on a male chastity device. The second measurement you’ll need to measure the shaft of your penis – this is especially important if you have a large dick when flaccid. So again using the string work out how long your penis is when flaccid and this length will be the minimum length of the cage part of the chastity device. The cockringshop have a large range of chastity devices available as some that are suitable for some wearers are not for others. It is a matter of choice, size and use that will determine what is right for you. Chastity play is always better when it is done as a couple and control is given to the keyholder.