OVO B3 Vibrating Cock Ring

Ovo, B3 Cock Ring, Penis Ring, Showerproof, Whisper quiet, Ultra Powerful Vibration

Price: AU$16.90
All Colors

The OVO B3 penis ring with this colour is unique specific and have a dynamic character. The single minded design is an good contrast to round pimples and its structured is completely 100 % handy .its interior is made to give full comfort while using, it is made up of silicon free from lead and phthalate and is very good for skin. Its shower proof property makes it easy to use in bathrooms. It doesn’t produce any type of noise and its ultra powerful vibration gives huge comfort. Its knob is near and is easy to reach.



The B3 penis ring is made of silicon materials and it is phthalate free and 100%skin friendly. It is wedged shape and it radiates self confident and dynamic character. The single minded and elongated design is a contrast to the round pimples. The supple, soft and centre with embedded chrome button make the ring with a special accessory. This product promises maximum properties and comfort between partners. It is a fully integrated point which is rounded towards partner. Its stimulation structure and is having close fitting with easy to reach buttons and it makes easy to handle.


Ovo Sex Toys offer a lifestyle choice in quality designed and engineered pleasure products for adults. Introduced in 2012 the Berlin based company products were a hit at the EroFame show.  With such a start out success the toys were taken to the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris.  The OVO sleek designs and beauty are a result of German designers that are so confident of their product they offer a 15 year warranty.  Packaging is elegant yet simple having won Red Do International design awards and have been endorsed by mainstream companies like Dyson and Mercedes.