OVO B4 Vibrating Cock Ring

Ovo, B4 Cock Ring, Penis Ring, Showerproof, Whisper quiet, Ultra Powerful Vibration

Price: AU$16.90
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The OVO B4 is one of those penis rings which is being most preferred by men due to its elegant, supple look. The design of the penis ring has been awarded as the best design of 2013. The features like shower proof, single speed ultra power vibration and no noise while using makes it more valuable it is adaptable and it guarantees a safe and comfort use within partners. The power consumption of this penis ring is very low and their replaceable battery makes it more attractive. The inner shield of the penis ring is made in order to give a satisfaction.




The OVO B4 is one of the unique penis ring which gives ultimate satisfaction after use due to the silicon material used which is 100% skin friendly and free from phthalate. It is very appropriate to use in bathrooms as it waterproof and shower proof and batteries doesn’t get exhausted due to contact of any liquid. The structure of penis ring with pimples in the handle gives a person a good feeling while masturbating. It is a reliable design and provides a replaceable warranty of 5 years. It consumes less current and the batteries can be easily replaceable.


The OVO B4 is a special type of penis ring with distinct wedge which faces female body. It contains motor with ultra power vibration which is useful in order to give comfort. It has 15 years of warranty and the battery used in this product consumes low power and these batteries are easily exchangeable. It has a shiny silver knob on the top which makes the look more elegant. It is very flexible and adaptable design and guarantees safest use with partners. Its angled simulation bar makes it different from others type of penis rings and it has fully integrated vibrating points towards partners.


Ovo Sex Toys offer a lifestyle choice in quality designed and engineered pleasure products for adults. Introduced in 2012 the Berlin based company products were a hit at the EroFame show.  With such a start out success the toys were taken to the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris.  The OVO sleek designs and beauty are a result of German designers that are so confident of their product they offer a 15 year warranty.  Packaging is elegant yet simple having won Red Do International design awards and have been endorsed by mainstream companies like Dyson and Mercedes.