OVO B7 Vibrating Cock Ring

Ovo, B7 Cock Ring, Penis Ring, Showerproof, Whisper quiet, Ultra Powerful Vibration

Price: AU$16.90
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The OVO B7 is designed in such a unique way that it becomes very easy to handle. Its close fitting provides comfort to the users. Silicone is used in its manufacture so that user can use it safely without doing any harm to skin. Low usage battery is the key feature which allows a user to spend some extra amount of time with their partner. This one is a great design cockring and one of the more popular versions of Ovo as it leans forward sensually to stimulate the clitoris.


Its plastic rounded line along with its curve design promises to add some more intimate moments . The B7 has integrated vibrator point and it also comprise of flexible wedges to add uniqueness and comfort.




The design of B7 brings together functionality, convenience and grace. Special moments are guaranteed due to the flexible wedge. Materials used in its manufacturing are of good quality. Silicon and lead free phthalate are used in it which is quite safe for skin. Its silicon body and the vibrations bring in an extra amount of sensuality where as plastic rounded line and control element adds to its uniqueness. Integrated vibrator points and its dynamic curve design make it robust and easy to use. It is shower proof and has ultra powerful vibration. It’s very easy to reach on/off button make it easy to handle.


The design has been styled appropriately. Its modern look and innovative design promises extra moments with the partners. It is easy to handle and its close fitting is rounded for easy use. Battery consumption is very low however replaceable batteries are provided along with it. It is 100 %body safe as it constitutes silicon and lead. Materials used are of best quality so there is no harmful effect on skin. It is shower proof and its powerful vibration allows the sex organs to feel sensuality in a great way. Its distinctive control element really adds to its uniqueness.


Ovo Sex Toys offer a lifestyle choice in quality designed and engineered pleasure products for adults. Introduced in 2012 the Berlin based company products were a hit at the EroFame show.  With such a start out success the toys were taken to the Salon International de la Lingerie show in Paris.  The OVO sleek designs and beauty are a result of German designers that are so confident of their product they offer a 15 year warranty.  Packaging is elegant yet simple having won Red Do International design awards and have been endorsed by mainstream companies like Dyson and Mercedes.