Sport Fucker Half Pipe Cock Ring

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Sport Fucker
Price: AU$32.00
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The Sport fucker Half Pipe is more than just an ordinary cock ring. This ground breaking design is so versatile; you’ll wonder what you ever did without it! This super comfortable Sport Fucker Half Pipe cock ring gives you the option of wearing it as a bulge enhancing cock ring or a combination ball stretcher cock sling dynamo. The super elastic TPR material can stretch to over 400% of its original size making it an everyman’s cock ring.


Wear the Half Pipe as a regular cock ring and you’ll enjoy the enhanced bulge look as the bottom of the ring pushes your ball sack out making everything appear bigger. When you’re ready to ride, simply stretch the ring with your hands and drop your balls in through the hole at the bottom for an extra layer of grip. Your ball sack will be slightly pulled away from your body which in turn tightens your scrotum for an extra sensitive sensation.


Sport Fucker is one of those brands that are made for men, and by men. With sexual performance in mind as well as making you and your junk look classy and amazing, this company isn’t going to let your manhood down. With a range of toys specifically for men and male pleasure Sport Fucker is a renowned company within the queer community and known for its quality male sex toys