Metal Worx Locking Cock Rings

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Metal Worx
Price: AU$21.50
Lingerie Size

The Metal Worx metal cock rings can be used as a lockable cock ring, testicle cuff, cock collar or cock and ball ring. Designed to restrict the shaft, it helps to prolong and enhance an erection. Ideal for advanced cockring users.

 Suitable to use as a male chastity device, to lock away your partners manhood but equally as good for solo use, to enhance and prolong your erection. It is suitable for anyone seeking intense restriction. Heavy and durable this metal cockring is a solid weight and is suitable for seasoned penis ring users.

Included with this strong metal cock ring is a silver-coloured-metal padlock and two keys so you can securely lock up your own manhood or your subs to keep the exactly where you want them.  This Metal Worx cock ring comes contained within a study metal and plastic case which is ideal for safe, discret storage.

Medium - Weight  91 g 1.75 Inch Circumferance

Large - Weight   2 Inch Circumferance

XLarge - Weight   2.25 Inch Circumferance


Metal Worx is one of the brands produced by the company Pipedream. With decades of experience pipedream have turned their sights onto creating stylish metal sex toys that are durable, and high quality. With a range that focuses on a variety of different fetishes, and styles – you’ll be sure to find something that turns you on in this range