Triple Threat Silicone Tri Cock Ring and Anal Plug

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XR Brands
Price: AU$23.00
Lingerie Size

Pleasure is yours with this devious silicone tri cock ring and anal plug from the Master Series. Made of premium silicone so it is long lasting, non-porous, and body safe, this flexible piece is ideal for anyone interested in dual stimulation and erection enhancement. By simply arranging the testicles and shaft of your plaything within the confines of the darkly sexy triple cock rings, then inserting the tapered anal plug, your plaything will enjoy the full feeling while his member is standing at attention.


Available in Medium And Large.

Both size has the same cock ring measurement (46, 31, and 29 mm) in diameter


Size Medium
Butt Plug: 39mm width
60mm length


Size Large
Butt Plug: 45mm width
70mm length


XR Brands Sex Toys are relatively new to the market, but they have exploded in popularity since hitting the shelves. If you’re after high quality toys that deliver satisfaction and quality – then you do not need to look anywhere else. Based in America they have developed such lines as the fetish Master Series, Master Cock, Strict leather, Zeus Electrostim, Trinity men and that’s just to name a few. Each XR series in beautifully made, with strict attention to detail and quality. Find out why XR brands are quickly becoming market leaders in the Adult Toy Industry.