Asylum Chastity Device with Cock Plug

Chastity Cage, Cock Cage, Chastity Device, Cuckold Toy, Mens Sex Toy

Price: AU$70.00
Lingerie Size

You wouldnt let him out of the asylum so why should you let his fellow out either?

By the simple act of locking him up he will become submissive and spend all his waking moments as an obedient, willing puppy who lives for pleasing his keyholder. In the fantasies, something magical happens the moment you cage his penis. Maybe it does for some, but let’s face it, padlocking a penis is not likely to generate an instant personality change.  Be that as it may, underlying this fantasy is a desire to surrender enough control to the keyholder so that by pleasing her he can earn her attention and maybe temporary release for some sex. More simply, at the least, this is an expression of a desire for you to take the sexual initiative.

Cage Length; 90mm

Cage Width Internal 32mm External 38mm

Plug Insertable Length; 60mm

Plug Width; 6mm

Cock Ring; Small 38mm Medium 41mm Large 44mm

XLarge 47mm XXLarge 51mm


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