Sensation Cock Ring & Testicle Divider

Ball Divider, Cock Ring, Erection Enhancer,

Hell's Couture
Price: AU$17.90

This genuine leather cock ring is unbeatable on price and performance. Not only does it hold your cock into place, it gives you tighter and firmer erections. It also gives you more intense orgasms by seperating the balls during play. The seperation heightens sensitivity so you can really play around with pleasure and pain on this set. This is one truly sensational sex toys!


Hell’s Couture is a company who supply a range of BDSM and kink products. Within their large range, you will be able to find something to fit your fetishes, fantasies, lifestyle and sexual desires. Whether you want to buy a urethral sex toy, leather studded cock rings, tapered stainless steel butt plugs or bondage hoods, they have you covered. Feel safe using Hell’s Couture sex toys knowing that they use high quality, body safe and medical grade materials.