Black Metal Cock Ring 1.5 inch

Spartacus Enterprises

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Black Metal Cock Ring 1.5 inch By Spartacus Enterprises is designed for extended pleasure by prolonging erection, make a striking visual statement with their black color

Spartacus Single metal cock ring in Black. This 1.5 inch cock ring is the perfect tool to enhance your erections and look awesome. It will wrap itself firmly around you, proving to be the ultimate erection enhancer. Rounded for easy sliding on and sliding off, and you'll find that the hot black metal cock ring is going to be one of your firm favourites in the bedroom not just for performance, but for its hot look as well.


Spartacus Enterprises and Leathers is a manufacturer that specializes in kink and fetish gear. They’re made by people who practice and enjoy kink, so you can rest assured as to their performance. They have created a range of cock rings, leather collars, nipple toys and a variety of gear for the fetish aficionado. If you’re looking for something outside the box for your adult toy collection, then Spartacus is the company to go with, based in the United States they are known for their quality and attention to detail.