Elastomer Cock Ring Standard

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Spartacus Enterprises
Price: AU$15.00
All Colors

These 'double-wide' cock rings are made from 100% skin-safe elastomer. They can be stretched beyond imagination to fit any size man comfortably. One of the unique things about the Spartacus Elastomer cock ring is the two pull rings on the side which allow for easy taking off after sexual activity. No more fumbling around with lubed up fingers and pinching the wrong spots. This ring has been designed for comfort. Available in three striking colours of Blue, Black, and Clear - you'll be sure to find something to match your personality.



Spartacus Enterprises and Leathers is a manufacturer that specializes in kink and fetish gear. They’re made by people who practice and enjoy kink, so you can rest assured as to their performance. They have created a range of cock rings, leather collars, nipple toys and a variety of gear for the fetish aficionado. If you’re looking for something outside the box for your adult toy collection, then Spartacus is the company to go with, based in the United States they are known for their quality and attention to detail.