Nickel Metal C Ring Set

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Spartacus Enterprises
Price: AU$19.00

The Spartacus Metal cock ring set includes three nickel Cock Rings. This can be for people that can't decide which size to get, need multiple sizes, or just prefer using a variety of sizes for different situations.  The Spartacus Cock ring set comes with three differently sized rings and they are: 1.25" ring, 1.75" ring, and 2" ring.


The hardy nickel material that makes the cockrings will handle some enthusiastic and hard core play with the unyielding constriction giving you an unforgettable and sexy ride.



Spartacus Enterprises and Leathers is a manufacturer that specializes in kink and fetish gear. They’re made by people who practice and enjoy kink, so you can rest assured as to their performance. They have created a range of cock rings, leather collars, nipple toys and a variety of gear for the fetish aficionado. If you’re looking for something outside the box for your adult toy collection, then Spartacus is the company to go with, based in the United States they are known for their quality and attention to detail.