Xfactor Vibrating Cock and Ball Rings

Seven Creations

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Xfactor Vibrating Cock and Ball Rings By Seven Creations is made of an incredibly stretchy rubber material that will fit snugly around your erection

The X-Factor Cock and Ball Rings is a set of penis rings that are worn around the penis and testicles for sexual pleasure. The upper ring is worn around the penis base and the lower ring is worn around the testicles. Their firm, snug and secure placement around the male genitals cause blood flow to be temporarily restricted. This means the penis and testicles are more sensitive, leading to heightened sexual pleasure during stimulation either alone or with a partner during sexual activity. This X-Factor Cock and Ball Rings set also features vibrations which add to the wearer’s sexual pleasure. Between the two rings there is a removable vibrator which has multiple speeds of vibration to choose from. These vibrations will travel through the product and give the wearer even more pleasure during use. The multiple speeds of vibration are controlled with the wired, hand held controller. This required 2 x AA batteries (not included). Wearing penis and testicle rings can help maintain the man’s erection for longer. This will increase confidence while having sex, leading to a more satisfying sexual session for both partners. The X-Factor Cock and Ball Rings can be enjoyed by the man either alone or with a partner, during foreplay or sexual intercourse.


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