Naughty Bunny Cock Ring Vibe

Vibrating Cock Ring, Cock Ring, Penis Ring, Mens Sex Toy

Price: AU$15.00

With a powerful but quiet micro-vibrator, this randy rabbit is a double delight for you and your love bunny. Slip on the humming silicone sleeve for a rock-hard erection and tingling clitoral stimulation for her. A treat for every bunny.

With a mini bullet that is attached to a dial twist controller, you can enjoy adjustable multispeed on its own or by slipping it into the hole on the cock ring, turn the bunny cock ring into a naughty couple pleasurable toy.  To get started, slip the cock ring onto the base of the penis. The cock ring will fit a minimum penis with a diameter of 1” (2.5cm) and will stretch to fit any penis size. The cock ring will help enhance the man’s erection whilst the vibrations through the bunny ears and face will send pleasure to the clitoris.

The perfect couple sex toy, use the controller to decide who takes control of the vibrations and the orgasms.  Get naughty tonight with the naughty bunny vibe cock ring!


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