Boneyard The Nutball Super-Soft Silicone Ring Set

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Stackable Pure Silicone Cock and Balls Ring Set

The Boneyard Nutball Cock Ring Set is all a man needs for hours of pure unadulterated fun. The kit includes the Boneyard Ultimate Silicone Ring, and the brand new Boneyard Silicone Nut Ring. Both rings are designed with superior materials and production thus increasing both comfort and lifespan. The powerful and iconic Boneyard-branded design has a sleek soft touch silicone finish and features a superior and durable stretch.

The rings provide all day comfort when wearing under your jeans or swimsuit to show off that perfect man bulge. They will also withstand the punishment of your longest play sessions time and time again.

Ultimate Ring
External Diameter 2.0" (50mm)
Internal Diameter .8" (20mm)

Nut Ring
External Diameter 2.0" (50mm)
Internal Diameter 1.07" (27mm)

- 2 Shapes to Choose From
- Thick Girth for Powerful Erection
- No Roll Comfort Fit
- Xtreme Durability
- 100% Soft Touch Silicone
- 3x Stretch


For all those into their gay porn Channel 1 have launched their Boneyard sex toys for gay couples and men.  The collection targets edgy and sexually active males. Boneyard Products offers cock rings that can be purchased in a graduated five pack or as singles and all are 100 percent soft and stretchy silicone, each ring is stamped with the size, and anti-roll.