The Brawn Double Silicone Cock Leash

Boneyard Toys

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Superstretch Thick Silicone Cock Tie

The Brawn Leash is the perfect cock ring, fully adjustable and easy to put on. The leash is 100% soft touch silicone.

The 2 ABS latches allow for full adjustment possibilities. The Brawn Leash fits around your shaft, your balls, or both.

Fully Adjustable 2 Latch Adjustment System

100% Soft Touch Silicone

This product is completely hypoallergenic, non-irritating and compatible with sensitive skin.


For all those into their gay porn Channel 1 have launched their Boneyard sex toys for gay couples and men.  The collection targets edgy and sexually active males. Boneyard Products offers cock rings that can be purchased in a graduated five pack or as singles and all are 100 percent soft and stretchy silicone, each ring is stamped with the size, and anti-roll.