Control Vibrating Cock & Ball C-Ring

Sir Richards

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Vibrating Penis and Scrotum Ring for Couples Fun

Crafted with the power to influence, CONTROL offers measured cock and ball restriction for harder, stronger, longer erections and more intense orgasms. Creating the worlds most comfortable cock and ball ring demanded the best material availableextremely stretchy silicone with a non-pinching, non-binding surface, providing even pressure where it counts for greater results.Powered with a convenient rechargeable motor, experience digital vibration modes in 5 power levels and 5 function modes. The pleasure node motor is positioned at the base of the penis to provide intense vibration felt throughout the entire shaft for a heightened sensory experience. Can be worn with or without the vibrating bullet to explore pleasure options. Transform Your Sensations: Created to enhance your erection performance, one ring placed around the base of the penis and another ring around the testicles aids in extending pleasure and helps intensify orgasms. * Height: 2.8 (7.1 cm) * Width: 2.4 (6 cm) * Inner Diameter: 1.2 (3 cm) Features* Expansive Stretch* Essential Comfort and Fit* Structured Dual-Ring Design* Extend Activities and Intensify Climaxes* Body-Safe Silicone * Made from Non-Toxic Materials* Removable Bullet Vibrator* Convenient for Cleaning* Powerful Vibrations* 5 Power Levels + 5 Function Modes* Waterproof* Washable and Shower-Friendly* USB Rechargeable* 1+ Hour Continuous Run Time per Charge* One Button Operation* Simple to Use and EnjoyCaution: Prolonged and frequent use of penis enhancing devices may cause ruptured blood vessels, hemorrhage, and hematoma formation. This device can also aggravate existing medical conditions such as peyronies disease, priapism, and urethral stricture. Penis enhancing devices should always be used with discretion.



Sir Richard’s line of bondage products was born through some climbing enthusiasts that were also into bondage wondering why the heavy duty buckles, clasps and rings were not being used by BDSM manufacturers.  So the range began with the concept that all bondage gear from that day forth would not be created equal.  With customized fit, many options and many items being able to used together with interchangeable components this line has set the bench make for quality Bondage and Fetish Gear.  With two lines now available in this Brand, Command for the serious BDSM connoisseur and Elements for Men that like to enjoy sex toys and finally.



Sometimes you have kinks to work out and that is where Sir Richard’s is here to help you work them in. Sir Richard’s Command is rugged male bondage & restraints made to play hard. Whether you’re looking to explore introductory play or ultimate submission, we’ve got your gear.  Elements designed to stimulate men through sex toys.