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Using A Cock Ring

It is well-known that cock rings assist men with erectile problems to achieve and maintain an erection and also as a sex aid to improve sex by thwarting premature ejaculations and achieving stronger and harder erections. The reason for this are basic human anatomy in that a erection is caused by engorging blood into the penis head. If that blood is then restricted from flowing back by restriction like wearing a tight penis ring the erection will be maintained as it cannot flow back. Likewise when it comes time to ejaculation if the sperm is restricted from flowing through the urinary tract it will delay ejaculation and thereby causing a stronger orgasm. So many benefits by wearing such a simple thing like a ring which is why there are literally thousands of different versions of this amazing male sex toy. Choose flexible, vibrating, stimulating for a variety of sexual niches too like incorporating a spiked pleasure ring into bdsm play or a clit tickling one with your next sex play.

Sizing A Cock Ring

Size matters, especially when it comes to fitting the perfect cock ring. Many dick rings are not flexible and made of steel or some other solid material that if too tight wearing it may do yourself an injury and if it is too lose you will fail to gain the many benefits wearing one will have for your sex life. So you may be asking yourself how do I measure my dick so that I can choose the right one for me? It is very simple to do! First get yourself a piece of string, next arouse yourself so that you have an erection, next wrap the string around the base of your shaft so that the strings tips are touching and the string is comfortably tight. Finally lay the string down and measure this distance – divide that amount by 3.14 and presto you have the circumference size of your perfect cock ring. If you are looking to purchase a steel or other non-pliable sex toy it would be better divide it by 3, or thereabouts to ensure the fit is comfortable.