Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra

Rosebud Jewelry

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Penis Plug

This unique jewel ornaments your sex like a champagne cork.
A crown squeezes the base of the glans while the penetration of the lubricated urethral stem added to the caress of the 4 silver chains delightfully increase pressure.

Insertable length: 63mm
Ring internal diameter: 32mm

Stainless steel, Bronze BR10
Model Genuine Swarovski Crystal 5mm


 Rosebudsare an extraordinary high quality jeweled penis plugs, anal toys and nipple jewels manufactured in France, by Julian Snelling since 1996. The quality is second to none creating erotic jewellery that include stainless steel butt plugs with original Swarovski crystals, Handcrafted and the recipient of many awards each piece is perfectly proportioned for exquisite sensations.