E-Whistle Cock Plug

Penis Plug

Hell's Couture
Price: AU$29.90

You do not have to go to ACME to get a hold of the E-Whistle Cock Plug that will give you the wildest of rides.  It is hollow and a massive 16mm at its wides point and insertable length of 70mm. BE WARNED this is not for the beginners!  It offers incredible curves and sensations for that ultimate of cock stuffing experiences.  One a a kind design taking you to your fetish fantasies.

Insertable Length 70mm


Whether you are into BDSM or fetish fashion one cannot go past the quality and variety offered with the Hell’s Couture collections. Importing and exporting fetish equipment and kink wear allows this brand to selectively choose the best fashionista products for those into cock and ball play, torture, restraints and all you novel creations. The unsurpassed reputation and amazing shipping charges makes these go to products available at the best adult shops.