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Let us tell you a bit about the products at the cock ring shop. A cock ring is also called a c-ring. It is a sex toy that is used to help enhance pleasure during sexual intercourse. Its main purpose is to limit blood flow from and into the penis. The main reasons for using cock rings vary with different individuals. However, the main reason most men use this toy is to enhance pleasure. (read more)
There are some instances that the doctor may advise you to use a cock ring from the Cock Ring Shop in order to correct the condition of premature ejaculation. Penis rings come in different sizes and makes. Some of them feature the use of additional implements which are meant to stimulate your partner’s body for added pleasure during a sexual intercourse like vibrating penis rings or penis rings with ticklers. There are numerous items at the penisringshop, however ask yourself can you trust all of them. Another thing you should inquire about is; do other cock ring retailers deal in authentic products? Once you have these answers you will find out that our cock ring shop is your preferred shop for cock related merchandise. We offer the best prices as well as being discreet in our packing.
The following are some of the cock tips that will help you shop for the best cock ring

The size

Size is a very important feature when it comes to choosing a cock rings. Different individuals have varying cock sizes. Therefore it is very critical for you to choose a size that fits your dick well. This is to ensure that there is healthy functioning of the penis and blood circulation during use. Some rings for the cock are too tight which may go beyond the use for which they were first acquired. If for example you are unsure of what size to get then please go for a silicone cock ring, as it is very flexible compared to the other rigid cock equipment materials. Secondly it is easy to wear and remove from the penis as it can expand freely.

Look for additional features

Cock rings may come with different features and enhancements. There are some that are plain, while some come with built in features for example built in vibrator. This helps to enhance your partner’s sexual experience. There are some also that feature spikey cock rings and points. These are meant to stimulate you and your partner.

Choose a penis ring with a quick-release latch

Emergencies happen at the most unexpected of times. You can never be fully prepared for an emergency however, it pays to be prepared. In light of this statement, it is very important to choose a cock ring with an easy to release latch especially if it is a more rigid cock ring. This will come in handy if an emergency occurs.

There are various uses of cock rings, apart from the usual pleasure related use. Did you know that the cock ring can be used to remedy erectile dysfunction? Probably not, now you do know. Ask your doctor if he or she can allow you to use a cock ring to help maintain erection. This can be used to remedy penile dysfunction on it’s own or as an addition to medication that you may be prescribed by a medical practitioner. Some men may also employ the use of the cock ring to create an impression that they have a larger cock. They achieve this by using an underwear with an in built cock ring.

It is important not only to be safe but also to feel safe when using these cock devices therefore this calls for some safety tips and warnings. When wearing a cock ring please consider the following;
FITTING a c-ring will generally have to be done before your penis is erect. If you notice a constriction that is noticeable around the c-ring then do not take it. Look for a bigger one since this particular one is too tight. As earlier mentioned the best material to use would be silicone due to its expansion capabilities.

Do not leave the ring on your penis for more than 30 minutes. But why? If it stays for too long then you risk losing blood flow to the penis and this may prove dangerous. If it helps use some lubrication to make it easier to wear and remove the ring from your cock.

You can have intercourse with the ring on, however remove it immediately after having an ejaculation. You can use the cock ring with or without a sexual partner and they are especially handy when masturbating or using a male masturbator or stroker.

It is important after having an ejaculation to allow for one or more hours before wearing it again. This is to ensure that no damage is caused to your cock through bad blood circulation. Stay safe by avoiding unnecessary risks.

Never sleep with a cock ring still on. It is very dangerous do not even think of trying it.

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