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All You Need To Know About Cock Cages at the Cock Ring Shop (read more) It is important to understand what these devices are first of all before looking at the different types and tips for choosing the best cock cage for you. Cock cages are used by men as pleasure toys and some of them are used to cover their penis plain simple. So what are they? They are items that are used to cover the male sex organ- that is the penis. At the Cock Ring Shop we have a huge selection of cock cages and male chastity devices at best prices online.
Let's face it some men cannot stay long before having the urge of touching their penis. Let's not blame them, it happens often and it is nature. These cages come in different sizes and shapes. It is public knowledge that penis sizes differ, there are some that are enormous and some are small. Therefore as a result of this fact penis cages or cock cages rather, come in different shapes and sizes and we have them all at the Cock Ring Shop Australia.

Penis cages materials

There are various materials that are used to make penis cages. Prices often vary between the difference in quality or materials. The following are some of them

1. Silicone cock cage male chastity device
These types of cages are ultimate in comfort and security. They fit your cock just perfectly and are not rough and neither are they cold nor hot. As you know silicone does not "overheat" if you know what I mean. It is made from medical grade silicon and therefore it ensures that there are no allergic reactions when you put it on. It is also well molded and soft to the contours of the body, which goes a long way to prevent chaffing that may sometimes occur. There is a catch though; this device is ideal for a guy with a smaller cock when it's flaccid. However, if your cock is big when flaccid then this device may not be the best one for you since it may become difficult to wear it. For those of you with bigger cocks please check out the long plastic cock tube. This cock cage is very comfortable and in fact it can even be worn to the office as it fits perfectly well under the work wear.
2. Plastic cock cage
It is a very common penis cage. It is not expensive and also very comfortable. It comes in many varieties; which may include and not limited to.

The curve cock cage is perfect for those of you with bigger cocks as it accommodates the size pretty well.
The spiked cock cage is a cock cage with some modifications, it is especially nice for naughty individuals. It's mostly used by men who want greater pleasure.
Metal penis cage are usually made from stainless steel. They usually look fantastic and beautiful. They also happen to be super secure.

Tips for choosing the best cock cage

Due to the fact that we human beings vary a lot from one individual to another; one universal cock cage will not be feasible for all individuals. Just like when you go shopping for a shoe, not all individuals will like one particular shoe. This is due to taste and preferences as well as sizes. The following are some of the tips to guide you the next time you go shopping for a male chastity device.

First time experience

It is very important to start your experience with the most comfortable wear. These devices meant for first timers are usually made of leather as well as a series of metal rings with the biggest one usually going around your cock to keep the harness in place. There are various beginner chastity devices that are made for you; the first timer. They also come in various choices, for example the material used to make the cock ring can either be made of a metal or rubber. This will depend on your taste.

The Material that is used to make your male chastity device is very important to consider before purchasing these devices. Not all type of materials can suit you, due to different issues for example allergic reactions and/or preferences. Other key factors when choosing your material may include how secure you want your device to be and the period you will be wearing your device. There are various materials that you can choose from which include;


It was one of the main cheap contenders before the influx of relatively inexpensive metal products from Asia especially china. The cock cage is usually made of a combination of leather straps and metal rings.


Plastic polycarbonate devices are usually light and therefore ideal to be worn for long period of time, even months as long as you adopt a good routine of regular cleaning and hygiene.


This is a fairly common material used to make mens chastity devices. However, the most commonly used metal is stainless steel which is of the same grade as that used in the medical profession. This means that it is hygienic and also body friendly. This particular material offers greater sense of confinement and security, although it is relatively heavier as compared to its polycarbonate counterpart.


This material is a new arrival, it has not been in the market for long. It was first introduced in 2008/2009 period. The advantage of this material is its exceptionally light weight, lighter than even the polycarbonate and far much flexible than any other material. It also warms up rapidly..

Ring size is a very critical consideration when choosing the best chastity device that suits you perfectly. You must know the size of the cock ring for your chastity device before purchasing it. This is because smaller rings will inhibit comfort while those that are too big will not secure the device properly in place.
When wearing a cock cage or male chastity device it is important to consider personal hygiene. You need to ensure that your device has an allowance for personal hygiene. The best option are those that are open at the end so as to ensure good air flow and at the same time making them easy to clean. There are various designs that you can choose from which include; completely open end, partially closed design, completely closed and cages constructed of bars. Some of these devices are completely closed and deny any touch to the penis, some men prefer this design for occasional play sessions. However, the best type are the open ended ones primarily for hygiene purposes.

We trust this information provided by the cockringship gives information on male chastity devices and assist you in selecting the right device for you. Another helpful site for males exploring their sexuality is that has insightful and intelligent information.