Boneyard Silicone Ring Grey 45MM

Boneyard Cock Ring, Silicone Cock Ring, Mens Cock Ring, Stretchy Cock Ring

Boneyard Toys
Price: AU$25.00

The 45mm silicone cock ring for men by Boneyard is the ring that you will need to stay in peak performance. Keeps you hard longer and stronger. Features no roll comfort fit and extreme durability for all sorts of rough play and whatever else you want to throw at it. This cockring not only feels good, but it looks super hot as well. Made from a 100% silicone material with 3X stretch.


The Gay Porn company Channel 1 has released their own collection of premium male sex toys. The Boneyard Toy Collection has been made for gay couples, and men that want quality toys with grunt. They possess an edgy collection of masculine products that that are built with durability in mind with whatever you want to throw at them. By men, for men.