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Pleasure is Priceless BUT at the Cock Ring Shop You Can Afford It! (read more) Urethral toys or penis plugs are designed to enhance the male sexual experience. To sustain the ultimate in pleasurable sensations, the toys must be used according to the directions or damage to the internal organ and the penis's muscles may occur. When using a lubricant, it is was always preferred to use water-based to prevent urinary tract infections. However with the advent of pure silicone lubricants like Superslyde this has now become the preferred lubricant and it does not get absorbed into the body and the urethra will remain lubricated and frictionless during urethral play. When engaging in urethral play, be sure to know your body well because some items are inserted easily and then become extremely difficult to remove. Conducting the sounding is a delicate type play that must be done carefully to avoid damage to the muscles of the penis.
The most popular penis plugs on the market include the Drill, Ribbed Urethral Sound, the Vibrating Urethral Sound, Inner Demon Urethral Sound, and the Striker Urethral Sound. Each of these penis plugs delivers a unique sensation and is recommended that individual packets of lubricant are used with each to heighten the sexual experience. The larger bottles of lotion could become contaminated with germs and if used, the germs could invade the urethra and cause a multitude of issues.
Be sure to swab the toy with several solutions before using so that the toy remains sterile. First wash the toy with soap and soak it in boiling water in a glass pot. Rinse away the soap with boiling water also. Then, soak the penis plug in alcohol. Have a piece of gauze nearby on which to place the toy to ensure that it stays sterile before using. Always soak the toy in alcohol after use. Care must be taken that the urethral toy is not scratched. Sterilizing the toy in a metal pan can scratch the cock plug. Any scratch on the toy can scratch the lining of the urethra. The scratch can cause more than minor irritation by causing severely painful infections. Taking a little time can prevent problems and increase the pleasure of both participants.
The cock plug has become widely known as a dominance toy. The female partner can insert the toy into the penis while arousing her partner. During urethral play, the male partner becomes aroused and some cock plugs are designed so that the ejaculated semen is expelled through the device. Other penis plugs are designed to pause the sexual play when the erection occurs. Play continues when the erection wanes.
Australia's most affordable cock ring shop has a varied selection of cock plugs. Some are made of rubber while many are made of stainless steel. Some are smooth and others are ribbed to enhance the pleasure experience.


Cock plugs and vibrating urethral toys are available in an array of prices. No matter which penis plug that you choose, this cock ring shop is your best buy location in Australia. Pleasure is priceless, but here you will find the best deals on the web for the pleasuring devices.
Choices of devices can be found in a variety of web locations, but the cock ring shop will open the door to pleasure possibilities at bargain prices. The following lists describe popular urethra toy choices for beginner and advanced players of urethra play.

Attention Penis Plug Beginners

Some penis plug kits are especially designed for the beginner. The Hegar Urethral Sounds kit and the Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound kit are two sets of cock plugs for the novice. Urethral play is becoming a popular way to pleasure a man. It is a way for a couple to experience intercourse in reverse. Both men and women get sexual pleasure from urethral play. The vibrating cock plugs can be a stimulant for the prostate.

Popular Urethral Toy Choice for Beginners

The Flexiwand Penis Plug is a softer urethral toy made for the beginner. It is made of a soft rubber instead of steel like those for advanced users.

The Wedge Penis Plug is to be worn during intercourse to pleasure both partners. It is 1.5 inches in length and just over a quarter inch in width. The Glans Ring has a 1 inch diameter to encircle the penis.

Popular Urethral Toy

Choices for the Advanced Urethral Player

The Hegar 8" Urethral Sound set contains a set of 8 sounds that are 11 inches long. Each sound is graduated in sizes, each cock plug has ends of different sizes. The Hegar 8" Urethral Sounds has a set of 8 sounds. This set includes a total of sixteen different sized cock plugs.

Another option is the Electrosex Urethral Sound. This urethral toy is for the experienced user of urethral toys. This sound creates a different sensation because an electric current runs through the penis.

A 7.5 inch Stainless Steel Vibrating Urethral Sound is another cock plug that is an option for urethral play. It can be used as a pinpoint vibrator to explore and create unique feelings of pleasure.

An excruciatingly pleasurable urethral toy is the Master Series Meat Cleaver Stainless Steel Urethral Sound. It is not only inserted into the urethra, it spreads it wider with the two rounded spreader arms that are suspended from a metal bar. This urethral toy is for the experienced in urethral play.

InSerpent Penis Plug with Hose is a urethral plug that can be enjoyed during climax. It is a creative urethral toy. This plug should not be used by a beginner in urethral play.

Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher is an economical urethral toy that should only be used by experienced users. The In And Out Flexible Penis Plug is another affordable selection for advanced users.
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