Setting the Standard For Sex Toy Trust and Quality

Form Meets Function - Over Pleasure Objects

Since 2012 multi award winning Ovo have epitomized excellence with products that provide unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction.

Ovo Sex Toys, known for their exquisite designs and unparalleled engineering, provide adults with a lifestyle choice that is synonymous with quality and satisfaction. Since their inception in 2012, this Berlin-based company has consistently wowed audiences with their innovative and pleasurable products. 

Their debut at the esteemed EroFame show was nothing short of a sensation, captivating the industry with their groundbreaking creations. Buoyed by their initial success, Ovo Sex Toys decided to further showcase their range at the prestigious Salon International de la Lingerie show in the enchanting city of Paris. This move allowed them to captivate a wider audience and establish themselves as a formidable force in the industry.

 Renowned for their sleek designs and undeniable beauty, each Ovo product reflects the expertise of German designers who are unwaveringly confident in the quality and durability of their offerings. In a market flooded with subpar alternatives, Ovo Sex Toys stands out as a beacon of excellence, exemplifying their commitment to customer satisfaction by offering an unprecedented 15-year warranty on their products. 

This unwavering confidence is a testament to the brand's dedication to innovative design and impeccable craftsmanship. Not only are Ovo Sex Toys aesthetically stunning, but their attention to detail extends to their packaging as well. Recognized for their elegance and simplicity, the packaging has received accolades such as the prestigious Red Dot International design awards.

Furthermore, their commitment to excellence has been recognized and endorsed by renowned mainstream companies such as Dyson and Mercedes. In conclusion, Ovo Sex Toys has revolutionized the adult toy industry by seamlessly blending form and function. With their exquisite designs, unwavering commitment to quality, and endorsement from leading companies, it is no wonder that Ovo Sex Toys are the go-to choice for adults seeking unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction.