Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand

Experience heightened ecstasy with the Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand. Crafted for pleasure, it's your gateway to ultimate satisfaction. Shop now!

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Peezure Erotic 

Vaginal and Anal Wand

Embrace the sensational pleasures of the Hell's Couture Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand, an impressive male sex toy crafted for unforgettable explorations. The sheer size of this wand - a whopping 34cm - is enough to leave you speechless. With a ball at the end, this steel penis wand is perfect for probing and stimulating your partner's intimate regions, igniting passion and excitement like never before.

Delight in the versatility of the Peezure Wand, suitable for both anal and vaginal exploration. Dive into a world of loving manipulations and revel in the explosive pleasure that awaits you.

Choose between two sizes - Small and Medium - to suit your desires. The Small size features a ball diameter of 31mm and an overall length of 330mm, while the Medium size boasts a ball diameter of 37mm and an overall length of 340mm. Both sizes offer a total insertable length matching the overall length, ensuring a fulfilling and gratifying experience.

Constructed from certified 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel, this penis wand guarantees safety and durability. Avoid inferior alternatives made from chromed steel or poor-quality surgical steel containing Magnate, as they may rust over time. Our endorsement is exclusively reserved for our 100% surgical steel products.

Indulge in the wonders of urethral play and elevate your intimate moments with the Hell's Couture Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand, a premium male sex toy that invites you to explore pleasure beyond imagination.

 approximate measurements


Ball diametre: 31mm

Overall length: 330mm

Total insertable: 330mm


Ball diametre: 37mm

Overall length: 340mm

Total insertable: 340mm

Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand
Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand
Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand
Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand
Peezure Steel Stimulation Wand