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The 9's Phat Rings Smoke 2


Elevate your pleasure with The 9's Phat Rings Smoke 2 – soft, thick, and super stretchy for unforgettable nights. Click now to upgrade your intimate symphony!

Key Features:

Super Stretchy Design: Soft, thick, and customizable fit for a tailored experience that enhances pleasure in every intimate encounter.

Phthalate-Free Assurance: Worry-free pleasure with rings crafted from TPR material, ensuring safety and satisfaction with every use.

Male Enhancing Marvels: Elevate performance and satisfaction with rings designed to enhance your intimate moments.

Premium Pleasure Set: A symphony of softness, thickness, and stretchiness, making these rings the MVPs of your intimate ensemble.

Icon Brands Excellence: The 9's Phat Rings Smoke 2 redefine pleasure, turning your bedroom into a playground of unforgettable moments.

Brand: Icon Brands
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Cock Ring Sets
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