Urethral Buddy Catheter


Discover the ultimate in intimacy with our Urethral Buddy Catheter! Perfect for couples, its metal head and clear PVC tubing ensure an unforgettable experience. Shop now!

Key Features:

Experience shared intimacy with the Urethral Buddy Catheter, designed for couples seeking mutual pleasure.

Crafted with a metal head and clear PVC tubing, this sex toy creates an intimate pathway for exploration.

Securely attached with a stainless steel clamp, two individuals can indulge in simultaneous urethral play.

Available in three sizes—small, medium, and large—ensuring a perfect fit for every duo's desires.

Lightweight and discreet, the Urethral Buddy Catheter enhances intimacy and creates unforgettable moments of shared pleasure.

Brand: BDStyle
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Penis Plugs
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Size: Small

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