VERS Steel Weighted C-Ring - Black


Unleash desire with VERS Steel Weighted C-Ring - black liquid silicone cock ring with weighted steel for prolonged orgasms, improved stamina, and versatile sizing.

Key Features:

Three Times Stretch Liquid Silicone: Ensures a secure and comfortable fit for a tailored experience.

Weighted Steel Ring: Strategically placed to enhance pleasure, prolong orgasms, and improve stamina.

Versatile Sizing: Outer diameter of 7.6 cm and inner diameter of 3.8 cm, accommodating most sizes.

Extended Pleasure: Elevates intimate encounters, offering prolonged satisfaction and memorable experiences.

Easy Maintenance: Safe with all lubricants, easy to clean for hassle-free use after every encounter.

Brand: C1R Releasing
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: Stretchy Cock Rings
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