Screaming O Defines the World of Adult Pleasure

Promoting a Sex-Positive Message with Award-Winning Sex Toys

Discover The Screaming O's award-winning product lines and embrace a sex-positive message for satisfying intimacy.

The Screaming O is a company that places immense value on consumer trust. To uphold this trust, they have implemented strict measures to ensure that all their products are non-toxic and body-safe. They go a step further by submitting their products for independent lab tests to confirm their safety. 

Every package is also clearly labeled to inform the shopper about the contents of the product. The Screaming O's products have received a lot of media coverage and have been featured in popular news outlets such as Women's Health, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and CBS's The Doctors. 

The company takes pride in promoting a sex-positive message and adopts a modern approach to help reinvent the way people have sex and enjoy themselves.

The Screaming O is an award-winning adult product designer, revolutionizing the world of sex toys since 2005. Committed to consumer trust, they test all products with an independent lab for non-toxic and body-safe materials and provide clear package labeling. Their playful and fun approach to sex toys promotes a sex-positive message and has been featured in Women's Health, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and CBS's The Doctors. Embrace The Screaming O's cleverly named product line, filled with mini vibes and intimate accessories, to introduce excitement and pleasure into your sex life. Discover trusted, affordable, and quality sex toys that reinvent the way you experience intimacy and fun.