ScreamingO BlingO

ScreamingO BlingO is a diamond-shaped vibrating cock ring may look like a gag gift, but it's designed to provide a pleasurable experience for both partners

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The BlingO puts a vibrating twist on a romantic tradition with a super-powered motor hidden inside a super-soft "diamond" specially positioned for her pleasure. This unique stretchy erection ring is a go-to gift for anyone looking to pop the question or simply pop a...well, you get the idea. Perfect or an (in)decent proposal or fun and flirty bachelorette present, the BlingO is ready for wedding season and will leave every bride-to-be blushing from head to toe.

  • Super-powered motor hidden in soft "diamond"
  • Stretchy erection ring keeps him harder longer
  • Smooth texture for elegant sensations
  • Available in 3 colors: blue, purple and clear

Additional Info:

  • Replaceable AG10 batteries last 60+ minutes
  • SEBS silicone
  • Latex and phthalate-free
  • Wireless
  • Waterproof
ScreamingO BlingO
ScreamingO BlingO
ScreamingO BlingO
ScreamingO BlingO