Wolf Whistle Penis Plug

Unlock unique sensations with the Wolf Whistle Penis Plug. Buy this stainless steel urethral toy for a stimulating BDSM experience. Shop now.

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Enchanting pleasures of the BDStyle Wolf Whistle Penis Plug, a solid cock plug that will fulfill your sounding dreams and leave you in awe. Indulge in unique and delightful sensations with this tiered cock plug that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

This solid thru cock plug is crafted to provide you with unparalleled pleasure, and you won't be crying wolf when you insert it. Instead, you'll be crying out in delicious male ecstasy as this stimulating cock plug takes you on a journey of pleasure like no other. The amazing bulbs and tapers of this cock plug are designed to deliver intense sensations and ultimate satisfaction.

With overall dimensions of 60mm in length, an insertable length of 55mm, and a diameter ranging from 6mm to 9mm, this Wolf Whistle Penis Plug promises a comfortable and secure fit for your intimate adventures.

Embrace the pleasure of the BDStyle Wolf Whistle Penis Plug and fulfill your sounding desires with this solid and tiered cockplug. Experience the delights of this insertable and stimulating penis plug, elevating your intimate play and exploring new heights of pleasure.

Wolf Whistle Penis Plug
Wolf Whistle Penis Plug